Annual Update 2021

As outlined in the annual report for 2020 for Oona Health A/S (former named SundhedsGruppen A/S) subsidiary – Forsikringsselskabet Dansk Sundhedssikring A/S (“DSS”), we expected premium for own account of approx. DKK 400m and a result before tax in the range of DKK 60-70m. We realised a result before tax of DKK 67m and premium income for own account of DKK 430m. The revenue from our insurance business which was written in 2020 where the risk period continued into 2021 is included in the account other income. The combined insurance revenue from premiums for own account and premiums booked under other income for the year would correspond to DKK 500m.

Please download our full Annual Report using the link below for more details.

OonaHealth Annual Report 2021


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