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We’re a health insurance provider that uses data to make a difference. We use cutting-edge technology to provide people with the care they need, when they need it — helping them live happier, healthier lives.

Using data for good

Oona Health is a responsible, forward-looking health insurance company dedicated to sustainability, responsibility, and better patient outcomes. We value sustainability, commitment, and doing the right thing by everyone – patients, colleagues and society. By leveraging patient data for good, we aim to contribute to a healthier world for everyone.

We focus on providing professional advice, timely treatment, and helping with prevention to strengthen customers’ quality of life, health, and ability to work.

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Our Health Team consists of doctors and nurses who help customers get the specific treatment they need, right when they need it - with a focus on preventing illness as well as treating it.

As one of Denmark’s largest health insurance providers, we strive to be open, accessible and responsible in everything we do.

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DSS Hälsa is Dansk Sundhedssikring’s sister company, and the leading specialist in healthcare for the Nordic region. We’re committed to building bridges between private and public care by navigating the entire patient journey.

Every day we work to ensure a healthier life for our customers, with a focus on both care and prevention. Our healthcare team strives to ensure that our insurance patients go through the care chain quickly and easily, supporting them throughout.

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PrimaCare delivers quality-assured treatment networks (including physiotherapy, psychology, and chiropractic care) based on efficiency and customer satisfaction.

PrimaCare has a high profile across the public and private sectors, with a focus on healthcare navigation and evidence. We help customers find the right therapists and professional guidance, prioritising transparency, high standards and professionalism.

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Danish Financial Supervisory Authorities Report

Danish Financial Supervisory Authorities Report

Oona Health’s comments to the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority’s statement on the ordinary inspection 20th of March 2023:

The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (DFSA) has performed an ordinary inspection in Oona Health A/S (Oona). The DFSA had the following focus areas for the inspection:

Management system

Solvency and capital

The inspection resulted in Oona receiving orders from the DFSA. Oona will comply with the Financial Supervisory Authority's report.

Link to Report from DFSA:

Download and read Danish Financial Supervisory Authority’s latest reports.

Our History

Our latest news and thinking


Oona Health Achieves Global Gold Medal for Sustainability 

This year, Oona Health received a global gold medal for its work for sustainability from EcoVadis.

Dansk Sundhedssikring enters the private customer market: New health insurance covers three generations

Dansk Sundhedssikring has launched a new private health insurance Familie360, which provides health advice in connection with serious illness to the whole family seen in a very broad perspective.

The insurance company will reduce the number of long-term illness reports with artificial intelligence

A million investment in artificial intelligence will prevent long-term illness notifications from customers of Dansk Sundhedssikring.

Dansk Sundhedssikring experienced a massive growth in customers in 2021

In 2021, Denmark's largest provider of health insurance, Dansk Sundhedssikring, continued the previous years' massive growth in the number of customers.

New insurance group grows 23 per cent and reaches half a billion in revenue

Health group (Sundhedsgruppen A/S), probably best known for its ownership of Denmark's largest provider of health insurance, Dansk Sundhedssikring, closed in 2020 with a turnover of DKK 544 million, a growth of 23% on 2019.