New insurance group grows 23 per cent and reaches half a billion in revenue

The growth was primarily driven by Dansk Sundhedssikring's own customers but was also positively affected by a new outsourcing agreement with AP Pension. In total, the company had 336,000 insured customers at the end of 2020, which is an increase of almost 32 per cent or 80,000 people compared to 2019. AP Pension alone contributed with 60,000 of the new insured, which Dansk Sundhedssikring served at the turn of the year. 269,000 of the 336,000 customers are directly insured by Dansk Sundhedssikring.

"All employees in Dansk Sundhedssikring can very proud of the high growth we have created together in 2020. Not least when you consider that it happened under difficult conditions, where the corona pandemic led us having to work from home and start "We learned a lot from it. We learned a lot from it, and it is something we will use both internally and in relation to the customers in the coming years, even though we will hopefully soon see the end of the pandemic," says CEO of Dansk Sundhedssikring Kent Jensen.

Independent insurance company

Besides growth in revenue and number of customers, 2020 became important for the future operations of the company. In December 2020, Dansk Sundhedssikring was licensed by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority to become an independent insurance company, where it was previously registered in the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority's Insurance Agent Register as an agent for the insurance companies AXA France Vie, Paris Trade and Companies and Europæiske Rejseforsikring A/S.

In this connection, Kent Jensen stated that Dansk Sundhedssikring sees a quite significant business advantage in that it is now an independent insurance company.

Dansk Sundhedssikring has reached a size and financial strength, which means that the company can take the risk on its own hands. Thus the company avoids the extra cost of being an agency for other insurance companies.

As with most other companies, Dansk Sundhedssikring was affected by Covid-19 and the majority of the employees were sent home during the first wave in March 2020. The experience from this has since been used extensively in relation to both own employees and for serving customers with claims.

Strong customer influx

The number of injuries dipped slightly during the first Corona wave. However, the number of injuries quickly came up to the same level as before Corona. At the end of the year, a small increase in treatments at private hospitals was seen because the public treatment guarantee had been put into effect. This led to increased pressure on private hospitals and health insurances in general.

At the beginning of 2021, Dansk Sundhedssikring and the other companies of the Health Group had a strong customer influx and it is expected that the growth will again be over 20 per cent. In addition, 2021 will have a strong focus on developing new products, of which special emphasis will be placed on digital products, which can both increase customer satisfaction and make the company more scalable.

The health group has 176 full-time employees, many of whom have a health professional background that focuses on creating value for customers and ensuring that they receive the right treatment.

Great CSR focus

There is a strong focus on CSR policy and the Health Group joined the UN Global Compact in 2020. The company participated for the second year in a row in an international study of EcoVadis' CSR policies with more than 75,000 companies and was named one of the 20 pct. best when it comes to the environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. The Health Group will continue to work on its CSR goals and will strive for an even better position in 2021.

Almost 2 years ago, the British Capital Fund Anacap bought the majority stake in the holding company the Health Group, which in addition to Dansk Sundhedssikring also consists of the company PrimaCare, which offers treatments in physiotherapy, chiropractic and psychology, the digital company with a focus on analysis and prevention VitalityGuard, and Swedish DSS Hälsa AB. DSS Hälsa consists of the acquired company WL Care, which sells health insurances to private individuals and the company's own health insurance product to companies. WL Care was acquired by the Health Group on December 31, 2020.

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New insurance group grows 23 per cent and reaches half a billion in revenue

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