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At Oona Health we want to set new standards for the healthcare industry. From insurance to treatment, data to digital health, we are committed to transforming customer satisfaction and quality of life through best practices, corporate responsibility and forward-thinking values.

From our commitment to sustainability to our partnership with local initiatives and the UN’s Global Compact, we are proactive about our responsibilities as a digitally-focussed health insurer. Whether it’s with our customers, our colleagues, our suppliers or our community, we are committed to high standards of conduct in our environmental footprint, diversity, anti corruption, employee wellbeing, social impact and data protection.

You can read our latest UN Global Report for more information on how we uphold our corporate and social responsibilities.

At Oona Health we take ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) seriously. We are committed to ambitious Corporate Social Responsibility goals, and our Board of Directors has made sustainability a permanent agenda item at all board meetings from 2021 onwards.


Oona Health is part of the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest sustainability initiative for a better world.

Our sustainable procurement scheme, Responsible Supplier Management, allows us to actively collaborate with suppliers to reduce our environmental footprint. From consumables to office supplies and furniture to IT equipment, all Oona Health suppliers must live up to our code of conduct for suppliers. If a supplier does not meet our requirements, Oona Health will enter a dialogue with the supplier og work towards finding a new more suitable supplier.


Oona Health supports the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Our core values are to be responsible and to do the right thing, and we work actively to comply with the UN Global Compacts principles on Human Rights.  

Companies that join the UN Global Compact agree integrate ten universal principles for human rights, labour rights, the environment, and anti-corruption, in line with the UN's 17 Global Goals.



We have an appreciative and positive culture at Oona Health. We put our employees’ work-life balance and mental and physical health at the top of our agenda. Individual employees are given the focus and space they need to thrive, and we offer all our employees the opportunity to work with mental and physical health through coaching courses and physical training. We are also exploring a more flexible work culture. 


Oona Health complies with Danish and international legislation and best practice to combat bribery, corruption and return commission.

This includes a fully-compliant, management-independent whistleblower scheme available to all employees and business partners to address potential misconduct concerns.


We consider the misuse of personal data an unacceptable violation of an individual’s freedom. Oona Health fights against the misuse of personal data by ensuring a sufficient due diligence process when selecting new vendors.

Supplier Management

All Oona Health suppliers must live up to our code of conduct for suppliers. We, thereby, ensure responsible suppliers when it comes to sustainability, environment, data protection, security and other matters within the UN Global Compact. Our demands are fair and we deal with infringements accordingly.

Read our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are vital to Oona Health. We believe diversity is an imperative part of our ability to provide outstanding service. At Oona Health we recruit from all backgrounds. Our employees can wear cultural and religious items of their choice. We work hard to create a safe environment free from potential discrimination. We work towards gender diversity in the Executive Board (about half of our company’s leaders are women). Our core values are to be responsible and to do the right thing, and we work actively to comply with the UN Global Compacts principles on Human Rights.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Oona Health we work with different organizations – both locally and internationally – to help improve the life of others.

United Nations

We are part of the UN Global Compact, a global initiative for sustainability. By joining, we are committing to the UN's 17 Global Goals for human rights, labour rights, environmental protection and anti-corruption.


In addition to our global commitments, we also support (and participate in) local initiatives. Cykelnerven raises money to fight multiple sclerosis by organising cycling races in the French Alps. Our employees participate in the races to support Cykelnerven financially and help spread awareness for their work.


Game is an initiative that creates social change through street sports, culture and inclusivity, aimed at children and young people (especially in disadvantaged areas). Game works to prevent youth homelessness through education and self-empowerment. Oona Health helps support their initiatives.


Legeheltene is a charity that creates ‘free spaces’ for children in hospital. Free spaces allow children to explore activity, play and social interaction, to help combat the isolation of prolonged illness. Oona Health helps support their initiatives, as well as participating in its Awareness Run once a year.

Whistleblower Portal

Here you can access a whistleblower portal with an external supplier. They handle the whistleblower service on behalf of Oona Health and Dansk Sundhedssikring. This ensures you total anonymity.

Whistleblower Portal

Our latest news and thinking


Oona Health Achieves Global Gold Medal for Sustainability 

This year, Oona Health received a global gold medal for its work for sustainability from EcoVadis.

Dansk Sundhedssikring enters the private customer market: New health insurance covers three generations

Dansk Sundhedssikring has launched a new private health insurance Familie360, which provides health advice in connection with serious illness to the whole family seen in a very broad perspective.

The insurance company will reduce the number of long-term illness reports with artificial intelligence

A million investment in artificial intelligence will prevent long-term illness notifications from customers of Dansk Sundhedssikring.

Dansk Sundhedssikring experienced a massive growth in customers in 2021

In 2021, Denmark's largest provider of health insurance, Dansk Sundhedssikring, continued the previous years' massive growth in the number of customers.

New insurance group grows 23 per cent and reaches half a billion in revenue

Health group (Sundhedsgruppen A/S), probably best known for its ownership of Denmark's largest provider of health insurance, Dansk Sundhedssikring, closed in 2020 with a turnover of DKK 544 million, a growth of 23% on 2019.